> SupraPolix BV

SupraPolix is a young company developing innovative polymeric materials for applications ranging from adhesives and specialty coatings, to biomedical materials and cosmetics. Our SupraB™-materials deliver unique processing and rheological benefits together with tunable material performance.

Key to this is our innovative SupraB™ quadruple hydrogen bonding technology, which we have brought to a technological reality that is able to serve different polymeric markets and to create a means for our clients to increase revenues, improve quality, and strengthen sustainability.

> History

The seminal work in the field of supramolecular polymer chemistry performed in the groups of Bert Meijer and Rint Sijbesma at the Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands, has led to the development of new materials that benefit from the sophisticated design of self-complementary quadruple hydrogen bonding units (also known as UPy or UreidoPyrimidone). The key to the success of the UPy's was the use of specific quadruple hydrogen bonding interactions that combine easy preparation with strong secondary interactions. Emerging from 1996, several key-papers on this subject have appeared in professional journals (see polymers).

> Team

SupraPolix B.V. is managed by Tonny Bosman (ceo) and David Driessen (cfo), whereas its non-executive board is chaired by Bert Meijer.

SupraPolix has been co-funded by DSM Venturing, TU/e Holding, and a group of sophisticated private investors.